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Uniform policy

This policy has been developed and endorsed by the Cullen Bullen Public School community through the Parents and Citizens Association.

Basic principles

• School uniform builds a sense of community and ownership amongst students. This instills pride in the school and its attainments as well as forming a lasting impression of the school in the wider community.

• School uniform allows students to be easily identified by staff. Similarly, persons who are not part of the school are easily recognised ensuring a high level of security at all times.

• School uniform, if worn correctly and consistently, builds student self-esteem, confidence and a sense of belonging.

• School uniform is the most economical and sensible way to dress students for school.

Our uniform

The basic uniform is worn year round with additional items available for winter.

Girls K-6

• Cullen Bullen Public School navy and red polo shirt

• Navy blue school skort or navy blue school shorts

• School tracksuit with logo

Boys K-6

• Cullen Bullen Public School navy and red polo shirt

• Navy blue school shorts

• School tracksuit with logo

All students

Hat: Navy/red bucket hat and navy beanie with red embroidery in winter

Jumper: Navy polar fleece, ½ zip with school logo

Jacket: Navy Wet weather rain jacket with school logo

Shoes: Black leather school shoes PLEASE NOTE: Health and Safety rules require this style of shoe and joggers/sneakers are required on sports days.

Socks: plain white ankle length

Students will be excluded from certain school and school-linked activities:

• If their clothing compromises agreed upon school community standards articulated in this policy statement, and might be considered damaging to the image of the school in the larger community context;

• Where the health and safety of the student or, of other students, particularly as defined by work health and safety legislation, would otherwise be compromised.

• While a student won't be suspended solely for not wearing school uniform, ongoing non-compliance will be regarded as an infringement of the school's student discipline policy.