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Administration of medication policy

Policy Identification Number: 2.19.1

2.19.2 Superseded Policy: Nil

2.19.3 Audience: Cullen Bullen Public School Community

2.19.4 Introduction:

Cullen Bullen Public School assists students who have health support needs at school by means that include the provision of first aid (including emergency care), the provision of temporary care when students become unwell at school, the administration of prescribed medications and health care procedures, and the development of individual health care plans if required. Schools are required to implement practices related to student health that comply with the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act), Common Law obligations, and anti-discrimination and privacy legislation, and that demonstrate a commitment to collaboration with parents to support the wellbeing of students.

2.19.5 Guidelines

Administering prescribed medications and asthma treatments to students and supervising students who self-administer prescribed medications, is one aspect of schools providing a secure and supportive environment.

2.19.6 Responsibility

School administrative and support staff are part of the team who contribute to the overall wellbeing of students. School administrative and support staff duties may, if agreed to, include the provision of first aid, the administration of prescribed medications and support for the correct delivery of asthma treatments.

First Aid

- Students requiring first aid are sent to the Sick Bay room where Administration staff provide treatment

Care of students who become unwell at school

- Students identified as being unwell are sent to the office/or principal by the classroom or playground teacher.

- Teacher completes the Pupil Sick Notification slip

- Students are made comfortable by Administration Staff.

- Parents or emergency contact are contacted via phone to come and collect the student.

- Students remain in foyer until parent or emergency care contact can be made.

Administration of prescribed medications and health care procedures

- The administration of prescribed medications is carried out by trained administration staff.

- Health Care plans must be completed by classroom teachers in consultation with parents.


Individual Health Care Plans

Individual Health Care Plans must be developed for;

• Students diagnosed with severe asthma, type 1 diabetes, epilepsy or anaphylaxis, and/or

• diagnosed as being at risk of an emergency and/or

• who require the administration of health care procedures.

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