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Parent, volunteer and visitor policy

Code of Conduct Policy - Parents, Volunteers & Visitors


The Cullen Bullen Public School community values the contribution all parents, extended family members and other community members make to Cullen Bullen Public School. To ensure a safe and harmonious school environment is maintained the following Code of Conduct is in place. This code applies to all school, school sport and P&C events, whether held on school grounds or elsewhere.


• To ensure all visitors to the school conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

• To ensure the rights of students, staff and parents are respected and upheld

• To ensure staff can perform their duties in a professional manner free of interference.

• To ensure that students, staff, parents and other visitors are not subjected to intimidating, aggressive, hostile or violent behaviours.


Parents and visitors to the school are expected to:

1. Treat all persons associated with the school with respect and courtesy,

2. Make appointments in advance rather than expecting to obtain an interview immediately.

3. Communicate with other members of the school staff / parents / community in a rational and respectful manner.

4. Respect the decisions made by school staff.

5. Allow staff to supervise, investigate and manage students without interference.

6. Never directly approach another person’s child as the school will deal with issues between students as part of the school’s Discipline and Welfare policies.

7. Discuss issues or concerns about the school, staff or students through correct procedures.

8. Promote the educational aims of Cullen Bullen Public School.

9. Display appropriate sportsmanlike behaviour when attending school sporting events.

10. Desist from behaviour that damages the name of the school or its staff, in particular, use of social media inappropriately.

11. Leave the grounds or school event if requested by the Principal or nominee.

12. Follow school procedures governing entry and behaviour on school grounds, including any restrictions that may be imposed.

* All visitors must sign in at the front office and after the visit; all visitors must sign out at the front office.

* School functions involving large numbers of visitors, such as presentation days, school assemblies, open days and the like are precluded from signing in procedures.

Volunteers participating in school and / or P&C events are also expected to:

•Work cooperatively with other volunteers and communicate in a polite and respectful manner to all students, staff and other volunteers.

• Maintain confidentiality.

• Report any issues of concern to the Principal, CBPS staff and / or P&C executive.

• Conduct their volunteer work with integrity, impartiality and honesty.

• Understand the legal obligations teaching staff have when dealing with students at the school, when at sporting events and when on excursions.


The Principal (or nominee) is responsible for the safety and welfare of all who enter onto school grounds. The Principal is supported in this role by the Inclosed Lands Protection Act (1901) and its Amendments. This provides authority to the Principal to:

• Direct the person to immediately leave the grounds.

• Call the police to remove the person should he / she refuse.

• Restrict or withdraw future permission (by letter) for the person to enter the grounds without permission of the Principal.

• Seek further legal avenues.

The Inclosed Lands Protection Act may be enforced in circumstance such as, but not limited to:

• Behaviour in a manner in the presence of students, staff, parents or other visitors to the school that causes alarm or concern to the students, staff, parents or other visitors.

• Use of offensive language (i.e. Swearing) in the presence of students or staff.

• Persistent interruptions to the learning environment of the school such as entering classrooms without permission.

• Persistent entry to the school site without permission or legitimate reason.

• Behaviour that could be perceived as harassment, bullying or intimidation.


• Inclosed Lands Protection Act (1901) and it Amendments

• DET Legal Bulletin - Issue 31

• Cullen Bullen Public School Student Welfare Policy

• 2010 Department of Education and Communities Code of Conduct

• Crimes Act 1900 - Section 60E


• Parents have the right to contact the Principal should they feel they have been treated inappropriately in relation to the Code of Conduct.

• Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are prohibited at all school events where students are present.

Current February 2018, Review February 2018