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Sun Safety policy

Policy Identification Number: 2.18.1

2.18.2 Superseded Policy: Nil

2.18.3 Audience: Cullen Bullen Public School Community

2.18.4 Introduction:

Cullen Bullen Public School has adopted a Sun Smart Policy.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can cause skin damage, eye damage, and skin cancer. Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, with two in three Australians developing some form of skin cancer during their lifetime. Overexposure to the sun during childhood and adolescence is known to be a major cause of skin cancer. Primary school can help reduce the incidence of skin cancer and the number of related deaths by encouraging all members of the school community to take effective skin protection measures.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all children attending our school are protected from the skin damage caused by the sun.

2.18.5 Guidelines

This policy is for implementation all year and a combination of sun protection measures used when the UV Index levels are 3 and above. Particular emphasis from the beginning of August until the end of May during peak times of 10am to 2pm (11am to 3am daylight saving time).

The purpose is to ensure that all children attending our school are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

2.18.6 Responsibility

General skin protection strategies:


- Students will wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever they are outside e.g. sport, fitness, sports carnivals, playtimes, outdoor excursions and activities.

- Students who do not have their hats with them will play in an area protected from

- the sun. “NO BROAD BRIMMED HAT – PLAY IN THE SHADE (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)”

- Sun safe clothing is included in our school uniform and sports uniform.

- Staff will remind students to apply sunscreen before arriving at school.

- Children will be encouraged to use available areas of shade for outdoor play activities.

- Outdoor activities will be held in areas of shade whenever possible.

- Outdoor activities will be scheduled outside peak UV times (10am and 2pm, 11am and 3pm daylight saving time) whenever possible.


Staff will be requested to role model good sun-protection behaviours by:

- wearing sun safe hats, clothing and sunglasses when outside

- applying SPF 30+ broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen

- seeking shade whenever possible.

- Keep school hats in their classrooms, to be distributed to students without hats so they can play during break and sport times

- Ensure sport timetables comply with Sun safety Guidelines – Term 1 and 4 sport will occur in the morning session

Our school will:

- Ensure that school hats are appropriate and satisfy Cancer Council guidelines.

- Ensure that adequate shade is provided at sporting carnivals and outdoor events.

- Provide more shelters and shade trees.

- Provide SPF 30+, broad spectrum sunscreen, water resistant sunscreen for staff and students whenever possible.

- Incorporate programs on skin cancer prevention principles in the curriculum across all year levels.

- Reinforce regularly the Sun Smart Policy in a positive way through newsletter, parent meetings, school assemblies, staff meetings, student and teacher activities

- Skin cancer prevention information is regularly promoted to the whole school community

- Encourage families and visitors to use a combination of sun protection measures (safe clothing and hats, sunscreen and sunglasses) when participating in and attending outdoor activities

- Regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of the Sun Smart Policy in consultation with the P&C, staff and students.

- On days of extreme heat, ensure students are inside during lunch hours by using the Wet Weather supervision roster

2.18.7 Review Date

This policy will be reviewed by 28/5/2018