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Suspension and expulsion policy

Policy Identification Number: 2.6.1

2.6.2 Superseded Policy: Nil

2.6.3 Audience: Cullen Bullen Public School Community

2.6.4 Introduction:

Suspension is not intended as a punishment. It is only one strategy for managing inappropriate behaviour within a school’s student welfare and discipline policies. It is most effective when it highlights the parents’ responsibility for taking an active role, in partnership with the school, to modify the inappropriate behaviour of their child. The school and the government school system will work with parents with a view to assisting a suspended student to re-join the school community as quickly as possible.

2.6.5 Guidelines

Suspension occurs to;

- allow time for school personnel to plan appropriate support for the student to assist with successful re-entry

- to ensure the safety of students and staff

- allow time for the student to reflect on their behaviour

- allow time for the students to acknowledge and accept responsibility for the behaviours which led to the suspension

- allow the student the opportunity to accept responsibility for changing their behaviour to meet the school’s expectations in the future.

2.6.6 Responsibilities

Principals have authority, consistent with the provisions of these procedures and associated documents, to suspend or expel a student from their own school. They will exercise this authority having regard to their responsibilities to the whole school community and to the principles of procedural fairness.

In determining whether a student’s misbehaviour is serious enough to warrant suspension, the principal will consider the safety, care and welfare of the student, staff and other students.

Suspension and Expulsion of Student Procedures - 2011

2.6.7 Review Date

This policy will be reviewed by 29/5/2018