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Enrolment Policy


This Policy has been developed in consultation with the school community and is drawn from Departmental Guidelines ‘Enrolment of Students in Government Schools August 1997’.

Legislative Context

The government school system in New South Wales exists to provide high quality education for all students. The Education Reform Act 1990 outlines the objects of education and the legal requirements for compulsory schooling. In brief, the legislation requires students between the ages of six and fifteen to be enrolled at a government or registered non-government school, and to attend school on each day that instruction is provided, or to be registered for home-schooling.

It is the duty of the parent or carer of the student to ensure that these obligations are fulfilled.

General Principles Governing Enrolment

• A student is considered to be enrolled when an enrolment form has been completed by one or both parents, the name is placed on the OASIS system and the student presents for enrolment.

• A student can be enrolled in one school only, at any given time.

• Children are entitled to be enrolled at the public school that is the zoned designated area for their residence.

• Parents may seek enrolment at the school of their choice.

• School local areas are determined by the Department of Education and Training through a process involving the District Superintendent and the Properties Directorate.

• Schools are required to set an enrolment number to cater for anticipated local demand and to seek to ensure that every eligible local child has a place at his or her local school, if he or she chooses to attend it.

• Schools are required to have a written policy that states the grounds on which non-local enrolments will be accepted.

• The primary criteria for acceptance of non-local enrolments will include the availability of appropriate staff and permanent classroom accommodation.

• The policy and criteria should be expressed in plain English and community languages, where necessary.

Kindergarten Enrolment

The principal will advise the school community of the enrolment arrangements. Children may enrol in kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five years of age on, or before 31 July in that year. Documentation providing proof of age, such as a birth certificate or passport, is required on enrolment. The enrolment of eligible children in kindergarten is to commence in the first week of the school year. The Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992 requires parents to provide documented evidence of a child’s immunisation status on enrolment. Parents have the right of not having their children immunised. However, under the Public Health (Amendment) Act 1992, in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, unimmunised children will be required to remain at home for the duration of the outbreak.

Early Enrolment of Students who are Gifted and Talented

The principal may decide that early entry to school of a student who is intellectually gifted and talented is appropriate to meet the student’s educational, social and emotional needs. When a student is considered for early entry to kindergarten, the school should carry out evaluation of intellectual functioning, academic skills and socio-emotional adjustment. This should be undertaken by the school counsellor or a registered psychologist. Those considering early enrolment may note that a review of research reveals that, for successful outcomes, a child should be within 6 months of the approved entry age. (Guidelines for Accelerated Progression, Board of Studies, NSW, 1991)

Discrimination in Enrolment

In the context of the above principles and their application, which clearly constrain an individual's choice of provision, no person will be discriminated against in enrolment on the grounds of their sex, age, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual preference or marital status.

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